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The case does add a bit of bulk to the phone, but inthe end, size is a small price to pay for keeping your phone safe and intact. Buy one now from: More The Woodback collection from Cover-Up come in a wide variety of different finishes including Walnut, Maple, Mahogany, Black Limba, Cedar, and the list goes on. These are simple, slim, black polycarbonate cases with a wooden back panel showing off the natural wood grain of your chosen wood. The case is fairly minimal, with generous cut-outs. It wont interfere with your normal use of the phone, but it wont offer rugged protection either. Its thin enough that it doesnt impact on wireless charging either. Buy one now from: More This popular case reverses the usual polycarbonate and TPU combo by having the back panel in textured TPU, for added grip, and the bumper in tough polycarbonate. The button covers are also TPU and theres a slight bezel around the front to protect the screen, and on the back to safeguard the camera lens. Its a snug fit, the openings are precise, and this case looks more expensive than it is once its on. It should offer reasonable drop protection, but its not a really rugged case, so we wouldnt put that to the test. Buy one now from: More No one really wants to hide a beautiful design like the S6 Edge, so this transparent case could be tempting.

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