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Asos is benefiting from the shift online from stores The shift to online retail is continuing at an unrelenting pace, to the cost of high street stores, said Sanjay Bailur, managing director at consultants Alix Partners. Just having strong online operations will no longer be enough. Retailers are having to make their shops work better if they are to continue to chew up profits in the form of rents and rates. And as inflation and a weaker pound take their toll, the traditional chains are being forced to evolve more and more quickly as spending threatens to weaken. Sir Charlie Mayfield, chairman of the John Lewis Partnership , said emphatically: Sterling is a dog that hasnt barked yet. The multibillion-dollar question is what happens next and how much is passed on to the customer. Quite a lot will be absorbed by retailers. Primark has committed to taking a hit on profit margins in order to keep its prices low, while Next has warned that prices will rise by as much as 5pc. Primark has committed to not pass on the costs from a weaker pound With a variety of pressures looming, it will get harder to justify having a plethora of stores. Marks & Spencer has announced 30 shop closures. Meanwhile, other retailers are exploring new ways to lure shoppers back to their stores by adding services such as cafes. Nexts Lord Wolfson has frequently complained about the shift from retail spending to leisure and entertainment, and now retailers are attempting to corner that market too. Increasingly, department stores such as House of Fraser and Debenhams are ramping up investment in their beauty halls , adding services such as brow grooming and blowdry salons. In doing so, they are not only trying to boost footfall but also improve the shopping experience. Dominique Bonnafoux, a retail analyst at Fitch, quotes research that shows for every 1pc increase in dwell time in stores, spending increases by 3pc.