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Ill wear really short, light denim shorts with high, pointed, light-gray suede boots and an oversize Marc Jacobs mens button-up (shirt) with a denim jacket. Trends that are over: Studded shoes. If its studded, its over. Also Uggs. I just cant. Julia Engel, Charleston, S.C. 1 million Instagram followers, 39,700 Twitter followers Julia Engel shares her take on classic, feminine styles (think Lauren Conrad relocating to the countryside) on her blog, Gal Meets Glam, in hopes of inspiring women not only through fashion, but through her own adventures in life. Our readers are of all ages, some students, some professionals, some single, some married, looking to build not only a wardrobe, but a lifestyle. They look to GMG not only for fashion, but for travel destinations, home decor ideas and encouragement. Gal Meets Glam tries to go beyond just presenting products by telling stories that give readers a complete experience. I try to include items that I really use and feel would be of interest to them. Fall favorite: The classic peacoat and always in navy.

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