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Kout Food Group confirmed the growing appetite for the road-side diners in a statement which pointed to more than one company with an interest in buying the chain. Kout is rumoured to be in advanced talks with Euro Garages about selling the brand and its outlets just three years after it bought the steadily shrinking chain, raising fears that the brand could be wiped out entirely. The firm's Fat Charlie mascot has been a familiar sight for UK motorists for more than 50 years but is slowly disappearing. Fifteen years ago some 450 Little Chef diners dotted the British motorways, but its numbers plummeted to 83 by the time Kout bought the chain for 15m from R Capital. Kout said just 70 of the motorway classics remain today. Euro Garages has already made a small contribution to its declining numbers by snapping up 5 Little Chef outlets in 2013 and converting them to Starbucks stores as part of a deal with the US coffee giant. The roadside retailer operates convenience outlets for big-name food and drink brands including 67 Starbucks drive-to and drive-thru restaurants, 145 Subway sub-stations and 99 Greggs bakeries. The Blackburn-based company is eager to grow after a 1.3bn funding injection from TDR Capital in late 2015 which led to a merger with the TDR-owned European Forecourt Retail Group late last year to create one of Europes largest retail forecourt specialists. Both Kout and Euro Garages refused to comment on the takeover speculation last week but Kout spoke out to confirm the bids on Tuesday, sparking expectations that the deal could move ahead within days.