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But even we cant live by fried chicken alone; we also need to have really killer side dishes, great cocktails and delicious starters. Absurd Bird does not disappoint when it comes to fried chicken and it certainly doesnt disappoint when it comes to anything else. Snuggle into one of their comfortable booths and kick off your fried chicken feast with a moonshine cocktail, shaken with the taste of the Deep South. Once youve had your first sip of their famous hooch you can move on to their spinach and artichoke dip with fried tortillas on the side, or an order of their garlic and parmesan chicken wings, both absolutely dripping with cheese and perfect to share. But make sure you leave room for their ethically sourced, free-range, hand-brined fried chicken, which is really the star of the show. View photos Butchies Butchies has been serving its famed fried chicken sandwiches from east London's best food markets for years and has finally found a permanent home a little further west. Nestled in Camden Market, Butchies' new hatch serves birds sourced from only the very best free-range farms on soft, freshly baked buns. If that wasn't enough to pique our interest, every bun is named after a favourite fictional character of the owners. Head down to Camden and you can enjoy an homage to Twin Peaks with their Dale Cooper (stuffed pickles and Butchies homemade garlic & fresh herb aioli) or eat like our favourite police chief by ordering a Clancy Wiggum (slathered in guacamole and smoked chilli mayo then topped with smoked streaky bacon). Do save room for sides though, their cheese fries smothered in Red Leicester cheese dripping may not be named after one of our favourite characters, but are a must for anyone who likes cheese and potatoes.