Cyberattacks Given whats transpired the past few months, its easy to forget that China, not Russia, was Americas principle cyber foe not too long ago. The April 2015 hacks of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) are some of the most devastating hacks on record-an estimated 22.1 million Americans , 7 percent of the population, had personal records stolen. These records went well beyond social security numbers-the personal and romantic lives of millions of federal employees, documented for clearance purposes, are now thought to be in the hands of the Chinese. Thats a serious national security threat. The threat will continue for as long as those people work for the federal government. As a businessman, Trump will also be concerned about state-sponsored corporate espionage. The U.S. loses some $400 billion from economic espionage through hacking annually -90 percent of that is believed to come from China. While there are more than enough geopolitical challenges for Trump and Xi to tackle, there are also significant bilateral challenges that make the prospect of any real breakthrough at Mar-a-Lago that much dimmer.